DocuMatix Online Elections

Save time, money, and sanity by conducting your Board of Director elections online with the DocuMatix online election service.

DocuMatix Online Elections is a complete web-based service that offers a more convenient way of conducting your elections. By conducting your elections (i.e., Annual Board of Director Elections) online, you can save time and cut expenses over a traditional paper ballot. All at no expense to your members.

A credit union member can cast their vote in a matter of seconds online and in the comfort of their own home.

Our staff will work with you closely to ensure that you have a website presence that will contain both a professional appearance, and the valuable business logic that will streamline the process. When your election is complete you can download the votes in real-time over a secure internet connection.


  • Members can be authenticated to ensure that all votes are valid
  • Hosted candidate biographies
  • Custom business-logic (i.e., how many candidates can be chosen, whether a voter can modify his/her vote at a later time)
  • Secure administration access to monitor voting results
  • Optional paper ballots can be counted by DocuMatix and combined with the online voting results